Alpha Clasher: Chief Editor

Being Head of Editing at VinayakDigi, Alpha has a 10 year of experience in the field of market research and Internet Marketing. His dedication and passion to produce error-free content make him stand out from the existing crowd. Alpha area of interest lies in understanding regional and international trend across various industries and also evaluate their impact at several stage. Alpha is also expert in formulating new business plan and strategies to keep up the web traffic. Alpha interest lies in writing a new article based on technology, science and business. His attention for detail and his perseverance highlight through in highly analytical article which is presented on VinayakDigi.

Diana: Editor

Her extensive experienced in the field of market research reflects in the way his articles provides readers sharp insights on the newest developments across major industry verticals. Her forte lies in churning out analytical commentaries on the evolving nature of various consumer-oriented industries. Her wide knowledge as a content expert in Internet marketing has rendered her the ability to delve deep into the historical, contemporary, and unexplored nuances of these sectors.

Bond: Contributor

As an expert in digital marketing, Bond growing interest in new-age technologies stands out in his increasingly perceptive articles published on VinayakDigi. Through his writing, Bond offer readers a closer look at the happenings across the globe and their consequences.